A security patrol is a vehicle based service that rotates between properties and performs a set list of duties at each site.  The patrol officer returns to the property an agreed upon amount of times and performs additional security checks.  This service provides clients with less of a need for an on site officer with the same basic function at a significant cost reduction.

The client gets a security presence on their property without the concern of a guard becoming "camped out".  The patrol officer arrives on-site, does their patrol, reports any activity, and moves on to the next site.  No wasted time or cost.


Although an on-site officer provides a greater physical presence by virtue of their being on the property for a set shift, they can come at a significant cost.  So how does a security patrol overcome this lack of presence?  A marked vehicle gives the client increased visibility and mobility.

A hidden benefit is the quality of the personnel assigned to a patrol.  As most security companies hire from a set pool of personnel, a patrol service recruits and hires the highest quality of officers.  Patrol services have a lower turnover rate by offering better pay and benefits.  Patrol officers can provide the best level of service available when an on site officer is not required.