We are committed to recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and placing the best our industry has to offer

The best officers come to us by word of mouth and referral.  By ensuring that we hire the best officers for our clients we are assured that they are referring their peers to our company.  In addition to our current employees we reach out to security professionals through some of the local training academies, print advertising, client referrals, and our reputation for taking care of our employees.


Our multi-tiered interview process affords us the opportunity to hire the most qualified candidates to become part of the Meridian Team.  In addition to a standard application, candidates are tested for drugs and writing competency.  We also complete a full criminal background check, driving record check (for our patrol officers), and review personal references.  This is all in addition to the mandatory State of Florida licensing that all officers must have before they begin the application process.


All candidates that pass the interview process and are hired complete our standard hiring packet which includes a written incident report to ensure that they are competent in the proper techniques required by Meridian Security.  New hires also attend a company orientation where the policy manual is distributed and all officers are educated on the companies' philosophy and ethical standards.


Officers of Meridian Security are already licensed by the State of Florida and carry a Class D security license which means that they have completed the mandatory 40 hours of training required by the Florida Division of Licensing.  In addition to this basic instructional course we work with our employees on report writing, public relations, patrol techniques, access control, uniform standards, sexual harassment, driving techniques, company policy, ethical standards, and site specific post orders.  During their employment officers are periodically retrained on various tasks such as incident reporting, access control, and a review of their posts specific orders.


Meridian Security works with our clients to place the right officer at the right post.  We develop mutably agreed upon post orders that provide a platform for each officers duties.  We review the post orders and ensure that we match the officer with the post that best fits their skills and personality.  Before the officer is officially assigned and released, they must pass a written competency test to ensure we are putting the correct piece of the puzzle in the right place.


Officers contributions to the success of the company can frequently be overlooked.  With Meridian Security we strive to give our officers the much deserved recognition they deserve for their dedication and service to the company.  Annual reviews ensure that officers are meeting the expectations of the client and the company.  It also provides us the opportunity to thank the officer for their commitment to professionalism.