Remote Video Monitoring

Are you having security concerns with your property?  Are you experiencing break-ins, vandalism, and/or damage?  Do you need help with ensuring that when you are not there someone is watching your assets?  We offer high-quality video footage and camera monitoring.  Our surveillance systems team is dedicated to being your virtual guard at a fraction of the cost of an onsite security officer. 

We set the parameters to meet your site needs.  If something is outside of those parameters we notify our mobile patrol or law enforcement, whichever is most appropriate for the situation.  We then follow up to make sure that your properties concern has been addressed properly.

Patrol Monitor

As an added bonus to our virtual guard service, we can link our mobile patrol service as an extra level of protection.  Whether you want the mobile parol officer to stop by each night or if we supplement your monitoring with response to significant calls, you will  be certain of getting the best of both worlds.

Our marked patrol vehicles are driven by a trained staff that takes your specific sites needs into consideration.  If there is any evidence of vandalism or break-in, we will notify law enforcement to aid us in clearing the property.  If we responde to vagrant issues we will take the necessary steps to ensure the violators are trespassed appropriately.  We work within your direction to ensure you get the best we can offer.